Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

By | November 28, 2012

Glasses are often associated with nerdiness, but they should actually stand as a mark of sex appeal. Think about all the seductive secretaries you’ve ever seen in movies. They had glasses, right? The difference between them and the chicks from Revenge of the Nerds is the way they conducted themselves with the specks on. If you can wear yours with confidence, you may be able to turn heads in a totally new way. Here are some makeup tips for glasses wearers to help you look as pretty as possible. make up tips

Emphasize Your Eyes

Your glasses may provide a frame around your eyes, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily draw attention to them. It’s actually really hard to see what your eyes look like under the glare of glasses, unless you wear enough makeup to make them pop. Use dark eye liner and noticeable eye shadow to compensate for the emphasis you lose with the glasses. You may have to do a little more than most people do to make your eyes stand out, but that’s a small price to pay for fabulousness.

Deemphasize Your Lips

If you’re drawing attention to your eyes, you want to keep every other element on your face as neutral as possible. By wearing dark eye shadow and dark lipstick at the same time, you don’t give people a feature to focus on. Then you just look like someone who’s wearing a lot of makeup, rather than a beautiful woman using minimal enhancement. Find a nice, neutral lip gloss that is close to your lips’ natural coloring, and then people will be able to notice your eyes better.

Clean Your Skin

You need to have a smooth complexion when you wear glasses if you want to make them look like an actual fashion statement. If you have pimples all across your forehead, people are going to automatically assume you’re a geek. Use quality facial cleanser on a daily basis to get rid of the grime in your pores, and try microdermabrasion to keep your skin as soft as possible. Top this off with mineral makeup to conceal and heal your skin at the same time. The clearer your complexion is, the better you will look with your glasses.

With the right pair of glasses and the tips above, you should have no trouble looking your best without the use of contacts. Who knows, you may even grow to like those silly little things if you wear them long enough.

About the Author: Heaven Stubblefield has worn glasses since she was 8 years old. She was embarrassed about them until she reached adulthood, when someone told her that they were sexy, not nerdy. Together with Riivia and a general bout of confidence, Heaven is able to carry on as a four-eyed fashionista, ready to take on the world.

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