How Music Creates Impact On Health And Happiness

By | January 24, 2013

Simultaneous to the advancement in all spheres of life, be it population or education or newer avenues in professions, is the increasing need of music everywhere we go. There are more clubs and smaller music players and even the most basic cellular phones have music functions. The question is why? Well, the answer is in the first sentence: as workload, education and population grows so does the stress; and music is the cheapest and most easily available anti-depressant. But how does an amalgamation of beats, strings and vocals remove from your mind all forms of negativity for a certain amount of time? Here’s how.

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Impact of Music on Health and Happiness:

Music has been present since the most primitive times with some studies suggesting it more ancient than the development of speech. It has been used as a method of healing by different tribes in ancient times as well as in the present, often accompanied by chants and rhythmic movements. While often tribes associate music and chants with divine methods, its healing abilities are scientifically proven. The human body triggers endorphins when in the presence of music which leads to momentary escapism i.e., the condition where the human mind experiences the development of images created by sound which takes one away from thoughts that were occupying the mind previously and replaces them with stories born out of one’s imagination.

Music can also have an effect on the functioning of the human heart as it can slow the heartbeat as well as cause disturbance in it. The relaxation of nerves or the opposite, increasing or decreasing of blood pressure, aiding or causing problem in respiration and digestion are the other effects.

Our body is made up of different organs, cells and muscles that have their tones, resolutions and pulses which enable us to create music and connect with it. Music has the ability to trigger sudden emotions of despair or hope, sadness or happiness, and can bring back memories buried deep within. This is used as an excellent tool for the retrieval of information or healing of a psychological disability.

After a stressful week at the office, most people go to clubs and pubs and submit their thoughts to good music which relaxes them and makes them happy. This is because music has the ability to remove negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. It also gives a sense of security and comfort as when a person is traveling long distances in a bus; the music player makes the journey easier and takes away the feeling of being alone in a crowd full of strangers.

Thus good music is healthy for everyone in the modern stressful environment.

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The article posted by Maria Rodriguez, is a writer and orator.  She participates in seminars, forums, and blogs.  Now, she is researching on PPI claims & music and its impact on personal life.  Catch her @financeport

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