A Revolutionary Treatment Procedure To Eliminate Frozen Shoulders

By | March 4, 2013

Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a severely painful condition that restricts shoulder joint motion. There is a capsule that surrounds the shoulder joint and Frozen Shoulder causes it to contract as well as form scar tissue. This creates a situation where the shoulder joint is unable to move in its socket. The shoulder indeed becomes ‘frozen’ and thus the name of this condition. The stiffness and pain are quite severe. The interesting thing is that many times the patient will have no prior injuries or discernible causes for their condition. The signs and the symptoms will usually start off at a gradual progression and then get worse. Then after a couple of years they seem to resolve.

eliminate frozen shoulders

There are three stages of symptoms with this condition:

• Painful (acute pain with any movement)
• Frozen (pain diminishes but movement decreases)
• Thawing (things begin to improve)

Usual treatment involves corticosteroid injection or some other numbing medications along with some stretching exercises. However, there is a revolutionary treatment for eliminating frozen shoulders that can spare you the two years of agony while waiting for your condition to resolve. It is a ‘Trigenics’ treatment procedure performed by a man named Dr. Austin Oolo.

The OAT (Oolo-Austin Trigenics Treatment) is unprecedented. It is NON-SURGICAL which makes it even more attractive. News of the results is spreading like wildfire. With this procedure patients no longer worry about any kind of incisions. Patients will not even need to go under general anesthesia. There are some local injections in some situations. This specialized procedure is misunderstood by some but is taking root and has grown to be viewed as one of the safestsuccessful treatments ever found for Frozen Shoulder and gives immediate results. The medical profession is taking notice of how remarkable this procedure is.

After the procedure patients will be given specific exercises to perform that were also designed by Dr. Oolo Austin to help re-activate the muscles that were not being used. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete the exercises (like holding their arm up beside the head and high behind their backs). Once they leave after the treatment thereare follow-up exercises to perform for three solid days, once every hour and on the hour. When they sleep they will be instructed to sleep on the afflicted shoulder side and place their arm up alongside their head.

The practice of Trigenics involves combining three treatment techniques applied together during the same treatment to obtain a therapeutic synergistic effect onto the nervous system. The effect is a lot greater than what you would get from applying only one. They are: (1) Muscle Nerve-Sensor Stimulation; (2) Resistive Exercise Neurology; and (3) Bio-Feedback Breathing.

Throughout the treatment a therapist will apply treatment to muscle nerve-sensors while the patient does the three combined exercises. Anyone who is suffering from Frozen Shoulder should seek out a facility that offers this revolutionary treatment and spare themselves the years of agony, pain, and motion suppression.

Author Bio:

Sofia Parker wants to share the story about her frozen shoulder on her blog so as many people as possible will know about the wonderful treatment available to eliminate frozen should pain.

2 thoughts on “A Revolutionary Treatment Procedure To Eliminate Frozen Shoulders

  1. Cedrick

    As technology continues to evolve to make our daily living easier, modern medicine also develops certain medications best suited for certain health issues as possible. The discovery of stem cell is interesting so as Trigenics. It’s a great treatment since you won’t have to undergo painful operation and quite beneficial.

  2. Dave E Wilkes

    This an interesting article, Sofia.

    To be honest I have had little experience of Trigenics but I do believe it is based on the fact that neuromuscular imbalanced pull patterns of “weak” vs “short” muscles cause global and local movement differences.

    This is a similar effect brought on by trigger points in the muscles in and around the shoulder.

    In my own practice, the treatment of these trigger points (done in-session) and the ongoing practice of certain movements by the client do bring rapid repair in the frozen shoulder syndrome.

    With these modern day practices which are getting excellent and effective results, surgery is fast becoming a thing of the past.
    Dave E Wilkes recently posted…Easy Exercises For Frozen Shoulder PainMy Profile


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