6 Natural Healing Tips To Help Speed Recovery

By | February 7, 2013

Have you ever heard the saying no pain, no gain? It’s so true! Last winter I experienced a fall that resulted in a sprained ankle, and I gained a lot.And along with the pain associated with the injury I gained a trip to the emergency room, x-rays, prescription painkillers, and crutches. When I bemoaned my fate to my doctor, he assured me that I was not alone.

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According to the U.S. National Safety Council, slips and falls caused more than 25,000 fatalities in 2009 – the second highest cause of unintentional deaths! (www.nsc.org) And the older we get the more likely we are to experience a slip or fall.

Factors that Affect Recovery

When it comes to how long it takes to recover from an injury, a lot of it depends on the age of the victim. Another thing it depends on is the lifestyle of injured person, and how healthy they are at the time of the injury.

Which bone is broken and its overall density or mass can play a huge factor in how long it hates to heal as well. Bones in the fingers and toes are smaller and heal quickly, while wrists and ankles have thicker bones which take longer to heal.

For example, on the average it takes 3 months to recover from a broken bone. But if the bones are not getting enough blood flow, then the recovery time could double! However there are things you can do to help hurry the healing process.

  • GIVE UP SMOKING – When you smoke, the chemicals found in tobacco that are going into your body slow the flow of blood to your bones. When bones don’t get enough blood, then they cannot heal as fast.
  • CUT OUT ALCOHOL – The osteoblasts are a type of cell that is responsible for bone formation. When you drink alcohol, you are slowing the osteoblasts from doing their work.
  • JUST SAY NO TO CAFFEINE – Caffeine sucks the calcium out of your body. Calcium is needed for healthy bones. While I couldn’t kick my caffeine habit altogether, I did manage to limit it to one cup per morning.
  • EAT HEALTHIER FOODS – In addition to calcium, bones also need protein. Make sure your diet is rich in healthy sources of protein like meat and fish, beans and soy, and nuts. And for goodness’ sake drink your milk!
  • TAKE YOUR VITAMINS – This is especially important if you don’t eat a healthy diet. While replacing unhealthy snacks with fruits, veggies, and nuts can help, sometimes you need a vitamin supplement as well.
  • GET A MASSAGE – Did you know that a massage isn’t just a luxury? Deep tissue massages increase blood flow throughout your body. When your blood is able to reach all the bones and muscles, then your injuries will heal faster.

The benefit of natural healing techniques is that even if you are required to take prescription medication, you could end up taking less due to already having a healthy lifestyle. And when you add in natural healing methods, recovery is even speedier.

Car Accidents and Accident Recovery

Another frequent cause of injury is car accidents. Car accidents can not only cause you an injury, but they can also cause you to miss your normal activities, like work or school. But natural healing can help you get back to those things faster!

If you are in a car accident and experience whiplash, for instance, then the last thing you want to do is lie around in bed. The key to getting better is using natural healing methods, which start with getting up and moving around.

Once you are up and moving around, there are therapeutic exercises that you can do to aid the healing process. And a chiropractor or massage therapist can manipulate your muscles, bones, and joints to help speed recovery, too.

The Many Benefits of Natural Healing

Natural healing remedies can help with neck pain, slipped discs, migraines, torn ligaments or strained muscles, and sprains. But, it can also help with ailments that you can’t feel and don’t come from accidents.When you restore ailments related to accidents using natural methods, you are promoting good health through your entire body. You can correct things like high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, and insomnia.

Natural healing methods are safe and non-invasive. If you are suffering from some kind of pain related to injury, ask your doctor or local wellness center about how to recover faster with natural healing methods.

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Canadian freelance writer Rick Mercado used advice from sites like www.westbendchiropractor.com to heal lower back pain after sitting a little too much on the job. When he isn’t at his laptop computer, sitting is the last thing you’ll find him doing. He spends his free time outdoors doing activities like kayaking and hiking, and dreams of someday piloting a helicopter.

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    Medication and therapy helps a lot to achieve better recovery. I know that living a healthy lifestyle is one of the things to consider but it depends solely on the patient’s determination to heal. A positive mindset towards the situation will play a big part for faster recovery as well as the support system of the injured.
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